Fuse Board Upgrade

Undertaking a fuse board upgrade as an independent job, or as part of a rewire, is one of the best ways to improve the safety of your wiring system. In properties which still have original fuse boxes containing large ceramic fuses, upgrading the fuse board to the 17th edition consumer unit should be made a priority. In such instances it may become apparent that a full rewire is also needed.
The fuse board functions as the control centre of your electrical installation, with the purpose of ensuring the safety of the wiring system. It is vital therefore, that it is fit for purpose, meets current safety standards, and is capable of capable of comfortably handling the requirements of your electrical system. As this is such a vital part of the electrical installation, a fuse board upgrade requires the attention of an experienced, accredited electrician. Ascertaining that your chosen electrician operates under a regulatory body, such as the NICEIC, guarantees their suitability to undertake this level of work, and assures you of it meeting their exacting standards.

Approach a reputable and trusted company to carry out your fuse board upgrade to ensure the safety of your electrical installation, your property and ultimately yourself. Companies who make available customer reviews, employ a clear pricing and work schedule, and have an ethos of transparency throughout the business, will undoubtedly be the best choice for work of this nature.

As with all electrical work undertaken in your property, a fuse board upgrade requires the attention of competent, skilled, experienced electricians. They must, of course, be covered by all relevant insurances, authorised to self-certify under Part P of building regulations, and ideally offer their own warranty to cover work carried out.

A worrying trend is the notion that electrical work to a property, such as a fuse board upgrade does not require certification. This is a dangerous and costly misconception. Certificates issued for electrical work are not merely “a piece of paper”, but a legal document confirming that the work carried out is compliant with building regulations and meets the current standards. It is also an essential legal document which you will be required to produce should you decide at any point to sell or rent out your property.

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